There are a plethora of RPGs coming out in the upcoming winter months and I just want to write a bit about which ones I am personally going to buy before Christmas. So without further ado, here we go!

First up are the Gaijinworks games: Class of Heroes III and Summon Night V. I’m not the biggest fan of dungeon crawlers, or strategy RPGs for that matter, I do enjoy them, but I’m just not a huge fan. That being said though, I will be purchasing them to support gaijinworks because I am a big fan of their work and I will do whatever I can to encourage developers who take risks and import games from Japan that wouldn’t otherwise be released here. If you haven’t heard of them, I don’t blame you, they’re pretty niche, but be sure to check out their website and show them some support if you like their work too! Just FYI, the head of the company is Victor Ireland, of Lunar and Working Designs fame.


I will also be getting PoPoLoCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale. I know this is being released after Christmas, but it’s like January 5th, so cut me a break. I am a huge PoPoLoCrois fan and the game on the PSP was my favorite for that system. The best thing about this game though is that the “Harvest Moon” aspect is not the main point of the game, it’s just an diversion. I am not a fan of Harvest Moon, despite buying the first game for the SNES way back in 1996, I am more of a fan of the JRPG exploration and battles and thankfully, that is what this game focuses on.

Also, I’ll be buying Dragon Quest Heroes, even though I don’t have a PlayStation 4. Really the only reason why I’m buying this is to support further Dragon Quest releases in America and I am buying it day-one to help ensure that Dragon Quest gets at least a small boost. I think it’s pretty asinine that Square is basing their decision to release JRPGs for the 3DS upon the sales of an action RPG for the PlayStation 4. The only other Musou game that I’ve played was Trinity Souls of Zill O’ll for the PlayStation 3 and I rather liked it, so I’m looking forward to playing this one as well.

Another duo I’ll be sure to buy are Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter and Trails of Cold Steel for either the Vita or Steam. I love the Trails series, it’s a bit wordy at times, but the lore and characters are second to none, if you haven’t tried out the first one on the PSP or Steam, be sure to get that as well!

The next game will be Tales of Zestiria, this really needs no introduction and I’ll be buying this day one for Steam, not because I like digital, but because I want to support Namco’s decision to release the Tales games on Steam in addition to the PlayStation consoles. Multi-platform releases benefit the community as a whole and I love them!


Persona 5 is also coming out some time this winter and it seems like a pretty fun game and I do support Atlus releases. Speaking of Atlus, Legend of Legacy is coming out very soon and I can’t wait for it, it’s developed by the SaGa creators and it seems to be a spiritual successor of the SaGa games and although it’s been rebalanced for the west and some people are wary of that, I’m not, I think it’s a good thing. If there’s one good thing that came from this generation it’s developers taking the time to take Japanese feedback into account to make a better overall game. They did the same thing with Bravely Default and even though the second half kind of sucked at least we got the “For The Sequel” version.

I’ll also be buying Yokai Watch, while I’m not a huge fan of Pokemon (I’ve only played one game in the series) this game seems really fun and it’s made by Level 5. I like Level 5 alot, they do a really good job with their games, like Dark Cloud 2 and Dragon Quest VIII. Note that I intentionally left Rogue Galaxy off this list because it had major balancing issues.


Next up is Zelda Triforce Heroes, it looks interesting and fun and that’s all you really need from a Zelda game. I’m not going in looking for a great story because I know I’ll be disappointed, I just want a fun jaunt through Hyrule which I’m sure I’ll get.

Rodea the Sky Soldier seems like a pretty cool game as well, and you get two games in one, the Wii and 3DS games while it’s still only $40 or $50. You can’t go wrong here. It’s similar to SolotoRobo for the DS which was pretty enjoyable although it did seem to drag on much longer than it should have and I didn’t like how you HAD to do the missions in order to progress instead of making them optional.


Finally the last game I will be buying before Christmas is Xenoblade Chronicles X, but just like the PlayStation 4, I don’t have a Wii U either. Xenoblade was my second favorite game for the Wii, it wasn’t my favorite although it came very close. So the sequel is pretty much a no brainer as far as I’m concerned.

Let me know what games you are buying or if there’s something I missed that you think others may enjoy!