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Best Stuff of 2017

It’s that time of year where every outlet and their mother is inundating your feeds with “best of” lists. So, I figured I’d add on to the stack. But instead of listing games and genres, here’s some gaming related stuff that stuck with me this year. So, without further ado, here we go.

Best Trailer: Breath of the Wild

This is the trailer that convinced me to buy a Switch. In point of fact, I had written off the Switch as a Wii U part deux, until this trailer hit. The English language trailer does nothing for me, but the Japanese trailer grew hair on my chest and made me grow two inches...somewhere. Regardless, this trailer convinced me that the latest Zelda installment was going to have a masterful plot (LOL on me for that one), but at least the gameplay was top notch. Even if it took a while to get Link up to a point where a feather could kill him in one shot. Great stuff.


Best Song: Rivers in the Desert (Persona 5)

I could have listed the entire Persona 5 soundtrack here followed by Nier: Automata’s, but this is the song that solidified Persona 5 as something more than just the next Persona installment. It grew hair on my chest, and caused me to lose two inches...somewhere. Regardless, if you listen to this track and your foot and/or head isn’t moving, check your pulse. You probably have high cholesterol.

Best Witcher Game: Assassin’s Creed Origins


After completing Persona 5 and new game plussing it, it took a lot to get me back into playing a new game. I jumped off of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Super Mario Odyssey pretty quickly. Skyrim on the Switch kind of eased me back into playing in longer segments. But it wasn’t until Origins that I started actively playing a game again in long chunks. It wasn’t until I realized that Bayek’s journey felt a lot like Geralt of Rivia’s that I realized that Origins was just Wild Hunt, but in Egypt. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you.

Best Breath of the Wild amiibo: Majora’s Mask Link


Not ashamed to say it, but this was the amiibo I actively sought out while playing Breath of the Wild due to the drops it offered in the game. After upgrading the Fierce Deity armor, I was nigh unstoppable. Couple that with the Fierce Deity sword, and those lynels never knew what hit them. Also, I now have an amiibo addiction. Someone, please help me...

Best Worst Reminder about Why VHS Won the Format Wars: Yakuza 0

The tissue box to the right of the television still gets me. Every. Single. Time. Move on. Nothing to see here.


Best Reason to Hit Reload on Amazon whenever Wario64 Tweets about the SNES Classic: Final Fantasy III


I guess the other games on the SNES Classic are okay, but if you didn’t buy a SNES Classic for this game, then what are you even doing? This game will grow hair on your chest and grow at least two inches to your shoe size. So what that the PS One version of this game can technically be played on HD televisions. I don’t want to deal with those awful load times. That’s why I replay Chrono Trigger on the 3DS instead of the PS One version. Load times aren’t okay between battles, Sony! Geez!

Best Year End List: This One


If you hear otherwise, consider that just fake...nope. Can’t say it. Just cue the strings and drop the curtain. It’s been fun, folks. See you all next year. Now get off my lawn!

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