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BetaMax: Battle Princess Madelyn

Welcome to a very unexpected second episode of BetaMax, your one stop TAY show all about game sin development. It’s ok if you don’t remember the first episode, I just don’t have many devs sending me press builds for me to take a spin. So... this is a TAY exclusive!

By mere chance, this episode is also from Causal Bit Games who kindly sent me a build of their latest project to test and share with you, fellow TAYlanders. The awesomely named “Battle Princess Madelyn”!


This is truly a love letter to the 16-bit games of old, almost like playing a Super Super Nintendo (S²NES if you will) version of “Super Ghouls’n Ghosts” where in fact the game takes the most inspiration from. It’s like paying a long lost official sequel to Capcom’s spooky hard platformer. The attention to detail on every single screen is just amazing, but you might not have the time to appreciate it because the screen gets busy fast. But enought of my banter, have a gameplay taste below.

In case you are wondering, the last seconds of the video is of course a glitch I had never encounter before but it has been fixed weeks ago, I just did not update my build. The finished product should be as solid as “Insanity’s Blade”. Although this is a Windows build Causal Bits primary focus is bringing this to current gen consoles.

In case you’re wondering, the devs made this for one of their daughters after she complaint she did not relate herself to “Insanity’s Blade”main barbarian protagonist in. Father of the year material right here!


Until we meet again: Play Hard, Play LOUD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

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