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Welcome to yet another new section from yours truly. BetaMax is my new TAY place to discuss beta build demos of upcoming video games. And we start off with one truly promising title...

The fine folks at Causal Bit Games sent their latest beta build my way after reading my previous coverage on their amazing looking 16-bit arcade platform adventure. "Insanity's Blade" not only appeals to my inner bro (Shout out to fellow TAY bros. You know who you are.) but tingles my brain with childhood memories of "Black Tiger", "Magic Sword" and "Castlevania Rondo of Blood" to name a few of the classic platform adventures that certainly inspired Causal Bit to design their game in such a familiar yet now so often forgotten way. "Insanity's Blade" actually began by imitating the 8-bit style of art, but has been evolving into the 16-bit brilliant looking masterpiece I now demonstrate to you on their latest beta build adventures of the brobarian Thurstan:

Before you ask, it was me who previously changed the language options to make the menu and other text appear like that, just one hint of the developer's quirky humour. "Insanity's Blade" feels immensely solid and satisfying as you punch your enemies and slam them away with the newly introduced "grab" button. Know that I didn't choose the bottom path half way because it is harder and I wanted to make sure I would get to the boss while I was recording this gaming session without using continues (bro code rule #34). The chiptune music gets truly epic after a while and suits the overall mood of the game perfectly. I was sadly unable to test the game with two players (and the auto 2P was not implemented in this demo), but if it's anything like "Magic Sword" it's double the fun because both players will compete to grab gold and level up faster than your friend.


"Insanity's Blade" is a delicious slice of old school arcade gaming, one I most welcome and miss very much in current times. I sense and hope a very bright future for Causal Bit Games and will keep an eager lookout for the finished product that will be available for PC, Linux, Mac and later on Wii U.

*URAWAZA* You will notice Thurstan rarely using his blade. I discovered by accident a special move done by holding "grab" and pressing "towards" + "attack". You will see it in the video as that lunging slice-thrust, but sadly it consumes life so I abstained from using it in order to complete the level.

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