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Bethesda Keeps Forgetting Nuclear Bombs Aren't Cool

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I am not a hardcore Fallout fan. I’ve played most of the games and generally really enjoy all of them, I even had fun playing Fallout 76 for a bit. One trend that many people have noticed is how Fallout has kept moving further and further away from its roots - from an RPG with heavy anti-nuclear anti-war themes and towards just another open world action shooter.


Bethesda announced tonight at E3 that they are adding a Battle Royale mode called Nuclear Winter where a “ring of fire” closes around the players as they race to be #1.

With nukes already being so accessible in Fallout 76, adding this mode that is even more centered around nukes really just seems disrespectful to the thematic goals of the original games and also a move towards Fallout being just another shooter.


Everything in a game is connected and what stories you tell affect game design choices, environment, etc. I don’t want more shooters - we have PLENTY of them and, in my opinion, many of them are problematic. The dominance of them online is problematic. Moving Fallout away from its sci-fi, dystopian, political roots only dilutes the game series further.

I hope when or if Fallout 5 gets made they remember that you can tell a quality story with your game. In a world where tensions between world powers are high and nuclear weapons are more powerful than ever been we need reminders that dropping a nuclear bomb - anywhere, any time - is always wrong.

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