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There are a lot of endings to Beyond: Two Souls. A lot. And at times the story can seem confusing. You may have missed some endings, or only played once and put the game back on your shelf to collect dust in the years to follow: oddly, this is what David Cage suggests.

There is a key constant in all of the games endings, and that is that Zoey is alive. Zoey is the daughter of Tuesday and you helped birth her during the Homeless chapter. At the end of the game, in some endings you will see her talking about how she hears things from a girl and how she teaches her to use her abilities wisely. It is followed by an older Zoey standing over a destroyed city attacked by entities, talking about how it's her job to stop them and save the city. The ending that seems most cannon though, is the direct Zoey ending, Jodie growing up with her and teaching her how to deal with her powers. At the end, you see both of them overlooking the ruined city and they talk about how Zoey is the worlds only hope and that Jodie must now train her to do so.


Zoey Ending:

All Endings:

The game does support DLC and since David Cage doesn't like to make sequels, a DLC expansion might be the more plausible outcome versus a full sequel. Though with what was left with the endings, there is definitely enough to cover to make a full scale game and sequel. The in-game main menu also has a Downloadable Content section in which all the DLC is listed to play. The only current DLC playable is the Advanced Experiments mission that comes with the special edition of the game [UPDATE: The Advanced Experiments DLC can now ber purchased separately on the PlayStation Store]. Surely that sub-menu is not only existent for that one mission, especially since the DLC sub-menu still appears if you don't have the Advanced Experiments downloadable content. By the way, the advanced experiments DLC is very fun and feels and plays a lot like Portal. I recommend you play it if you have it or if you don't watch a YouTube play through.

So for those of you who expected to be done with the game, may get another shot at some DLC, which will no doubt-ably cost a bit of money, but since the game was great, and the story was quite intrepid, I would encourage you all to hop on any DLC's or sequels if they happen. Hopefully Quantic Dream's PS4 title is Beyond: Two Souls 2. But for now we can only dream.

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