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So, Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts are both set to come this fall. But only one will win and the other will lose! This is time, we truly choose a winner, and this... is my opinion, on which game is the best, and most awesome! First, let us compare the two games...


Battlefield 4:

You play as Becker in this game, a member of the special forces known as "Tombstone"(WTF?) In this game you go through heart-pounding missions in the single-player, and take your fight over land, sea and air in the multiplayer. The game looks to feature good amounts of destruction in both the campaign and multiplayer! So, it definitely looks awesome!

Call of Duty: Ghosts:

The game is probably what you'd expect from a normal COD game, but probably different this time. One, because the game is using a new engine, and two, they have chosen an EXCELLENT writer this time around, Stephen Gaghan, whose writing style, will definitely be different in pace then David S.Goyer and the others. Also, this time, the game boasts to have better soldier interaction and amazing setpieces which redefine the game.


This is all awesome, but we all know who the winner is... or more importantly, I know...



Batman: Arkham Origins... Because Batman!!! That's why!!!

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