I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Square Enix Japan announced today that Final Fantasy XV development would begin anew once again. The company has come forward to excite gamers with the news that they have decided to completely scrap the gameplay style of the recent demos and footage in favor of more active controls. Battle designer Kenichiro Yuji has stated “we are really happy with the feedback players gave us after spending time with the PS4 and Xbox One gameplay demos.”

The development team has taken to heart the concerns that recent Final Fantasy games were somewhat linear in an increasingly open-world-rpg landscape. “It’s not even so much the linearity, but also originality. We understood that gamers were apprehensive about certain series recurring elements such as summons and limit breaks - things which have been in nearly every main entry in the series. That’s all out the window now”, said Director Tetsuya Nomura.

In place of traditional turn-based and even active battle commands the game will now utilize two special peripheral inputs. First there will be a floor pad used for battle requiring players to discover certain offensive and defensive moves that will yield victory in fast-paced active battles. Outside of battle players will also utilize a second proprietary device akin to a conductor’s baton in order to provide accurate complete directional freedom of their character on all physical and metaphysical planes.


Mr. Yuji also hinted that the baton would also be crucial to the battle system which would operate seamlessly with the game’s exploration elements. “We have decided to try something new with Final Fantasy XV in that the battles actually never truly end. You will need to be resourceful in exploring while you fight and only those who utilize their whole body optimally will be able to see everything we have hidden.” This focus on physical controls has led Square Enix to partner with Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) to develop a special “calorie paste” to keep players energized while they play.

This bold new direction for the franchise has spawned unforeseen creative directions for the long-anticipated game. “We have decided that the game will not include a stand-alone story per-say but will utilize an external website where gameplay achievements will unlock special cards to motivate the player with advanced wisdom as an incentive to continue with the strenuous physical dedication required to proceed” explained writer Kazushige Nojima. The nature of the new control scheme and its requirement of constant dedication made the inclusion of a story an unnecessary distraction according to the team.

“We are really trying something revolutionary here” Nomura reiterated, “We figure that by keeping the player occupied, by breaking their body- and more importantly their spirit, there will be no room for complaints this time.” The logic being that the developers can ensure positive reception after such a long development cycle. Franchise fans can preorder Final Fantasy XV right now before the expected release target between 2017-2027 sneaks up on them.

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