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For the past few years I’ve been involved with a Resident Evil themed podcast for Project Umbrella which has looked at a lot of topics in the long running franchise, but I never thought we’d end up covering something like a stage show that Capcom produced. But now here we are.

The stage show takes characters from the franchise - Rebecca Chambers, Chris Redfield, Piers Nivans, and sets them at a university in Western Australia with new characters where a zombie outbreak takes place, all set prior to the events of Resident Evil 6.

The cast of ‘Biohazard The Stage’ - including the legendary Sonny Chiba, bottom left.

There is a surprisingly large amount of thought put into the stage show and how it relates to the games, but to find out more it’s better you listen to the discussion. To be honest, I personally didn’t manage to make this episode as I missed the recording due to work but I did manage to watch the “The Stage” production. All thanks to the fact Capcom recorded this show last October during it’s limited run and then released it to DVD. And it’s surprisingly great!

Instead the main crew on the podcast - Neptune, TheBatman, STARS_Tyrant, Mr. Spencer, and George Trevor discuss the stage production in depth, and discuss the content in regards to the canon of the franchise. Spoiler - it’s likely to be more involved than a Biohazard themed VR music video at the very least.


If a podcast episode on a Japanese specific Resident Evil/Biohazard stage show isn’t your thing, but you’re interested in the games themselves - the podcast has covered just about every title in the franchise in depth over the past few years. Be it the HD release of the remake, Code Veronica X, the controversial Umbrella Corps, or the interesting mess that is Resident Evil Survivor for just some examples.

Special topics have also been covered including, most recently, a retrospective look back at the 20th anniversary of the games and franchise. Due to the way the games are revealed and news comes in, the frequency of the podcast is always changing but we average about one per month. In total 36 episodes have been made during the past few years, and this current one on The Stage brings to end “season three” of the podcast.

Plans are to return soon focusing on the next reveals of Resident Evil 7 and it’s release in Jan 2017. I’ll post new episodes on here for those interested as they’re released.


For all of the currently posted backlog you can check out the Project Umbrella podcast on Podbean or on iTunes. If you enjoyed the show, or even if you didn’t, we’d love to hear from you in feedback or call in recordings for future episodes.

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