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Long gone are the days where an MMO is judged by whether or not its quests are repetitive, now I judge them by whether or not I can play it on my keyboard.

In the past three months, I became addicted to everything Star Wars (this will go somewhere trust me). This led to reading all the Old Republic Comics, then going straight to playing the MMO. It. Is. So. Lame. But I kept playing it. Why? For the glory of Star Wars of course!

The game has no flow to its story, despite trying to be like the original KOTOR games. The spaces in which you play are so big, and you spend so much time running back and forth for extraordinarily boring conversations. The controls are painful because you get so many skills, you cant track which ones you’re using. I still loved it. Ster Wers does that to you.

Why haven’t I played it in weeks? The controls were the cause. You could never keep track of what skill you were using, controlling the camera was a serious pain, and the combat did NOT feel dynamic in any way whatsoever.


Now we get to Black Desert. Literally every problem I just listed about The Old Republic is completely absent in Black Desert.

The combat is fluid, and easy to control.

So far (2 hours into the game) the story has so much potential, and it looks like its gonna live up to it.


The distance between quests isn’t boring because you run into new stuff along the way, and if you don’t want anything to do with it, you can just press T and the game autotravels for you. In fact, I’m autotraveling as I write this.

The combat works similar to a fighting game. Using button combinations like W and LMB, you can use a different move. Shift, A, Q, S, W, D, E, F, and R can all be used in combination with the left and right mouse buttons to pull off awesome, flashy, and fluid combat maneuvers.


Whats that you say “This already sounds far-fetched, what am I gonna do with my 300 dollar MMO keyboard if I can just use WASD?”

Throw it out, cause Black Desert makes it obsolete! THIS GAME CHANGES THE GAME MAN.


Why am I raving about this?

If you don’t play MMOs, you wouldn’t know how tough keeping track of all your skills can be, as you normally would have to bind each different attack to a different key on your keyboard, and suddenly, every button on your keyboard (yes, all 101-107 keys(if you dont have macros)).


This problem has driven me away from dozens of MMOs. This is such a subtle thing, but it makes the game so much more approachable as I’m mainly a gamer who plays shooters who is used to snappy, fast paced controls.

Thats right. This one tiny fact makes the game a technical masterpiece to me.

Oh and the optomization, UI, and options is pretty good too.

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