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When it comes to video games, the people who love to play them are as varied as any fan base can be. Video games cover such a wide range of styles, genres and builds that it's hard to say anything positive or negative about one without getting some form of criticism from someone with an opposing view. But are gamers blind to the games they play because they've been tricked, or do they simply stick around because they know what they love? Should the options of others taint what we know will bring us joy?

If you asked me how the Wii U was doing I would probably say "Great!" I mean, I play mine almost everyday. I've put an insane amount of hours into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros (and Luigi) U, EarthBound, and many more. I love the Miiverse and I use the Netflix app to watch my favorite shows on a daily basis. But is the Wii U really doing great? It's not selling well. It doesn't really have many "must-play" games. The gamepad needs to be plugged in every two hours. Why do I love it so much?


Nintendo has always been my go to company in gaming. I started with a Super Nintendo at age six and I haven't looked back. I've played hundreds of Nintendo games over the years, some good, some bad, and I've grown to know what I like. People seem to hate Nintendo because they're so predictable, but in my eyes they have exactly the right amount of consistency. Their predictability is what makes them so great! They go off the beaten path every now and then with new ideas, but you can always rely on them to produce solid first party hits. Do they put Mario in too many titles? Yes. Am I still going to play those titles because they always seem to bring me joy? Yes. Did I think they in a million year they would add Wii Fit Trainer to the next Smash Bros? No way! That was a bit unpredictable, don't you think?

I could sit and defend Nintendo all day (and I might), but that's not the point I'm trying to make. You could loath Nintendo, hate all there first party games and characters and you wouldn't be wrong. If you don't like it who am I to tell you I'm right and you're wrong? Who cares if someone blindly follows a company or a type of game if they enjoy it every step of the way? I'm not the only person who does this of course. Gamers rag on the Call of Duty series almost every chance they get, but it still sells millions of copies every year. It's obviously making millions of people happy, or they wouldn't keep buying it. I'm not going to drop sixty hard earned dollars on the game, but if you love military FPS games and you can't wait to try out CoD: Ghosts with your buddies than I understand why you would be excited for it.


The hardest thing for most gamers to accept is that other people who also play video games have different tastes. This mentality of "liking different things" obviously applies to other parts of life, but gaming is what I do. Gaming is what I follow. No one reams me in the checkout line at the grocery store because they hear me mention I like Apple Jacks. No one calls me names when I tell them my favorite sport is track and field (well, maybe a few people do). Gaming is where I see the flames of hate. Just go try to defend a hot topic pariah like Call of Duty and in five minutes you'll be up to your neck in hateful comments and ignorant name calling. I feel bad for Call of Duty fans. Not because the games are "terrible" (because that's not an opinion I share), but because almost anyone who stands up for it will get mowed down. As I mentioned before, I'm certainly not going to buy it, but if other people want to and it's going to make them happy than who am I to criticize them? I can tell them why I'm not buying it and explain my choice, but beyond that I don't think berating them is the right approach.

Respecting others opinions is the most we can do as fellow gamers. Hell, it's the most we can do as human beings who have to coexist with each other. When you make an effort to ask a person why they have a certain opinion you might just find that it makes plenty of sense. Spouting off insults and telling someone that there personal thoughts on a subject are "wrong" is a step in the opposite direction. Telling them calmly why you think they're opinion is wrong, but still seeing their side of the argument is what needs to be done. I say this like it never happens, but let me take a minute to say that many many gamers handle online and real life interactions very handily. There are millions of gamers out there who have the right mentality and choose their words carefully. Of course it's hard for them to stand out among the sea of belligerent comments I see daily throughout the web, but trust me when I tell you that they are still there standing tall.


So the next time you want to call someone out for their "poor taste" in gaming just remember that their opinion is just as valid as yours (even if they're the guy above). Promote your favorite games and if you don't understand why someone likes a game then maybe you just haven't done your research. Be accepting of others thoughts and keep loving what you love.


Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to gaming.

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