I'm really feeling it!

This will only apply to a small number of TAY users, but for anyone interested, there's a huge video game swap meet event happening in Waterloo, ON on the 6th of April. This is basically small, independent game stores and collectors selling out of their private collections setting up shop at a banquet hall. I'll be one of the sellers there, and meet-and-greets will be allowed for a nominal fee. ;D These events draw hundreds of people each year, including dozens of high-end collectors looking for obscure stuff they'd otherwise never find. In fact, there's a documentary currently being filmed about two guys that attempt to get every NES game ever made in 30 days, and they will be filming at this event. If you're in the GTA, the K-W area or anywhere else in southern Ontario, It's 100% worth your time to attend. You can even trade your own games with the vendors instead of paying cash - especially with the bigger stores, as any stock rotation is good for them. Hope to see some of you there!

PS, I will be doing an Import Review sometime soon. Probably on Gundam Extreme Vs. Look forward to it!


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