I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hey, I was going to start talking about mobile games I have played here. I know we have not gotten too much mobile games coverage besides Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Is there anything you would like to hear about them besides my experiences? Like micro transactions what they offer or what are the repercussions if they games have a competitive edge and all that jazz. Whatever I will do the thing soon enough. Be on the lookout for me talking about how I don’t even play the Love Live game soon.


EDIT: I guess no one cares :c star this if you cry every time. Just kidding I plan to talk about the following games in the near future.

  • Terra Battle
  • Puzzles and Dragons
  • Monster Strike
  • Z Girls
  • Dream Girlfriend
  • Legend of the Cryptids
  • Age of Ishtaria
  • Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
  • Love Live!
  • Cytus
  • Ride Zero
  • Cosmic Eggs
  • Burn Your Fat with me
  • Fate Grand Order
  • Super Mario Run
  • Beat Stomper
  • And any others that I can recall.

Do you all have any recommendations?

I already did coverage on one of my favorite idle tapper games 10B and 20B Wives Kept man Life, and 10B husbands. I did not cover My sweet angel or Zombies Vs DIY Store yet I am working on them now for a double feature.

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