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A few quick tips for those doing a system transfer. Mine took 5 hours to do. Ffffff.

I just finished playing a bit on my New 3DS. The Majora one. Ees purrrrdy. :'D I really like the system overall. Loads faster, 3D actually works as advertised (finally), and the Majora design isn't just cheap paint, it's like... Lacquered. It's really quite interesting.



First problem I had: The New 3DS, for whatever reason, refuses to recognize WPA2 network encryption. I have no idea why, because my old 3DS XL has no problems at all. I actually had to factory reset my router and change the encryption type to do the system transfer, which is just retarded.

Also, make sure you buy a bigger memory card in advance. The New 3DS only comes with 4GB, and the amount of data I had to transfer over came out to 3.51GB. They definitely should have included a bigger card. 32GB is the max supported by default (I got one for $17 from Canada Computers), but I've read you can make it do even more with a bit more busywork.

Third: Messy is a troublemaker. He shoots witches.

Also, make sure you have a #0 phillips head screwdriver. I have tiny screwdrivers for wiring contacts in electrical panels, I literally have about 20 of them in my pencil holder on my desk, and these were too big. The screws are a really shit material (probably aluminium), and they'll strip faster than a cheap hooker.


Unless you're completely inept at computers, the PC system transfer option is by far the least painless. I know a lot of YouTubers had a bitch fit over how hard the whole thing is, but it's actually really fucking easy. It's quickest to do it with a PC, but you can also do it wirelessly if you don't care about leaving both systems on all day. It does everything for you. I honestly don't understand what sort of rotary phone-using idiot could have trouble with this.

That is all for now.

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