I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Blip: Square-Enix Mystery Box Contained...

There was a “deal” on where you could get “$80 worth” of games for $9.99. I bought that box. Here’s what came in it!

- Final Fantasy 14: A Broken Mess Remade
- Final Fantasy 13
- Thief (the new one)
- Life is Strange (not sure if full game or just the first chapter, because the way SE markets this game on Steam and PS4 is dubious)
- Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
- 20% off next Square-Enix digital games order
- 10% off Life is Strange season pass (hence why I doubt I got the full game)
- 10% off Just Cause 3


The $80 value here is... Dubious. FF14 has gone on sale for $30 many times this year, FF13, Lara Croft and Thief have been under $10, and Life is Strange Ep 1 is only $5. So unless they’re counting the coupons in that number, I don’t see “$80” of content here. Still, for $10? Not too bad. I wanted Life is Strange - the full version - and I was curious about Thief.

The rest is all throwaway for me. Aw well.

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