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Yes! I am so very pumped for the HD edition of Final Fantasy X dearest TAY! Not only because I love the story as well as the characters in FFX but also because, in case you did not know, I LOVE Blitzball. So much. I got so addicted to this minigame that I even had this chart I filled out deciding who I would try to draft or recruit to my team to make an unstoppable juggernaut of a team that would blow through any of the teams even the dreaded Luca team or the freakishly large handed Guado. I thought it was the coolest fictional game I had ever seen played, especially in the action packed first few scenes of FFX when you see Tidus playing. And I am looking forward to playing it yet again, although I believe I am probably a bit rusty. But it got me to thinking about my favorite minigames in games and I decided to write about that.

First off, a description of why I loved Blitzball in case you were wondering. I thought it was a surprisingly deep game that required some heavy thinking and strategy especially when it came to crafting a good team, as the initial team members are not particularly....good at the sport they play. And it just was so fun to watch, and learn new moves and hit people in the face with the Jecht shot....That happened a lot. It was also very pretty due to being under the water, and it made me actually want to PLAY a sport, that never happens. Anyway, on to the others.


Oh man did I play me some Triple Triad in Final Fantasy VIII. This is the kind of game that can suck you in really quick especially if you enjoy collecting cards as I do(Yeah I still have my Pokemon cards, what of it, wanna fight about it?). I enjoy playing Magic and I dabbled in Yu Gi Oh but I thank the stars they did not physically release this lest my wallet spontaneously conduct from flying at the shop selling it at the speed of light. I used to spend hours going after all the best players in the game, and I think what made it special was even after you got really good there was always the possibility of hitting some bad luck in the higher level games and you could just watch in horror as your opponent fucking stomped you into the ground, and depending on the rules you were playing they could take your card or worse case scenario could take your hand. Bad scene when that happened. But at the same time even dire straights could be conquered if you managed to make a smart play, and wins that are taken from the jaws of dejection are the best kind in my humble opinion.

Crimson VS was/is amazing everybody. That being said it was really hard to find an image actually showing it. This was a minigame that was billed as being by the same people that did the WORLD the setting of .hack GU. So as the main character of GU you could of course start playing it too once you hit the second game. This game is played with a deck of 4 cards with one being the general and the others being support cards. There were so many combinations of cards that you could do, and it actually gets pretty deep strategically when you also take into account the fact that certain cards when paired together also get a delta combo bonus. It was so hectic and fun and I liked to think that while I was not playing the world the main character was whittling the time away by playing cards. I also loved the fact that the champion and all around badass of the Crimson VS circuit was one of your party members, who was not all that great at the combat aspect of the World. I would also feel remiss if I did not point out that he looked like this. Yup that guy right there would tear your shit up in Crimson VS. And I found that to be hilarious, and it helped cement the feel of .hack being like the real world where different people are better at different facets of the game.


All of the Jobs in No More Heroes were fun minigames in my opinion. Admittedly some were more fun than others but I think that they definitely did a great job of breaking up the action in No More Heroes with some lighthearted minigames. My personal favorites being the Kitty Races as well as the Flag Signals job. Something else that I found interesting was that the mini games were at times actually quite challenging, especially when you got to the tired state of fumbling around after playing this game for WAY too long.


Honorable mentions: The minigames at Lohan in Legend of Dragoon, the minigames at the start of Chrono Trigger(Memories guys.It taught me I do not know how to bet on races. A good lesson.), and Pazzak from Knights of the Old Republic.

And now comes the part that I love the most, what are your favorite minigames fellow TAY-ers? Regale me please.

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