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BLIZZCON CANCELLED: OHHH NO (but also Blizzard this is your chance to roll back Overwatch 2)

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No one asked for Overwatch 2. I say this as someone who has played and continues to play Overwatch drunk or sober, with friends or without, regardless of how early/late it is in my time zone. I’ve sung with Overwatch players via obscure late-night “sing to me” lobbies. I’ve flown cross-country to multiple Blizzcons, and spent countless hours painting and gluing Sombra, D.Va, and Ashe costumes that received little to no attention in Comic/Blizz-Con contexts (though there was that one time when a whole train of tiny children in Manhattan went “LOOK IT’S SOMBRA!!!!!” and I waved to them and then pretended to hack their hand-holding system … made it all worth it for the next few lifetimes tbh).


POINT IS: wt actual f is with Overwatch 2. I’ve been at the last two Overwatch League finals (even though the seat spacing in Philly is literally criminal), and was right by the stage of the last Overwatch World Cup finals unironically chanting “U!! S!! A!! U!!!! S!!!!! A!!!!!” [god help my soul]. In both contexts I was at all times surrounded by fellow fans, and in not one case can I recall anyone going “yo but HOW DOPE does Overwatch 2 look? I’m soooooo excited” in a genuine, non-ironic manner. I don’t even recall hearing that in a shitty, sarcastic manner. And these are Blizzard fans we’re talking about here, so we must take this seriously.

Blizzard. Girl. I love you, I cherish you, I see how hard you try. But GIRL. NO :clap: ONE :clap: ASKED :clap: for another Overwatch. The graphics upgrades: [I’m so sorry but] M I N I M A L . The average fuck such as myself barely even registers a difference, except wait why is Tracer’s waist like 10” now, WTF. Gameplay though, that’s the important bit! Played the demo at Blizzcon and it was crazy like …. the way the character gameplay felt exactly the same, but like set in a special gameplay mode. Wow too bad the original game can’t handle special gameplay eventssssssssss…….


BASICALLY WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US BLIZZARD???? Do you hate us? Is this a self-destructive thing?? Genuinely, why can’t it be like a WOW joint where it’s a constantly evolving world with various new modes and challenges introduced on a regular basis? What is the utility of going WAIT NO STOP THIS WONDERFUL THING WE HAVE GOING, recreating the same game with minimal cosmetic changes, and expecting the fanbase to fuck off into the sunset with you.

PLEASE. We are all cooped up here and quarantined with our shortcomings and challenges, I beg you to reconsider OW2. No one asked for it. No one is hype for it. You can still integrate whatever progress you’ve made into the base game.


Girl. PLEASE. For all of us, reconsider.

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