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Block Legend: The TAY Review

So, I've been playing a lot of mobile games due to my first son being born last week, and I think its a good opportunity to give mobile games some love.

Yesterday I was in my bathroom, you know, unloading, and then suddenly I was presented with a game called Block Legend. Its a mix of RPG and puzzle, not a new genre but this one in my opinion is a great execution.


But first, its important to know how I was presented with this game...

The Trailer

Yes, I'm reviewing the trailer...just hit play...

The Gameplay

Its important to know, I'm reviewing an IOS game, so gameplay should be addictive in my opinion and that is what this game is, very addictive. So, if you saw the trailer you already know what the game is about, but still, let me explain. Similar to Puzzle Quest and other Puzzle/RPG mixes out there, you need to touch same symbol tiles for each to cause an effect, like attack, magic attack, defend, gain coins, etc.

You start in the walking phase, since every quest and jrpg needs lots of walking and random encounters attack tiles are exp tiles while you walk, once a random encounter starts they become sword tiles which, off course, hit the enemy. you repeat this walking, encounter, item buying, boss, cycle each level, which off course, gets harder and harder. How much you have to go till a shop or a boss is presented by a nice minimap on top.


Each enemy has a turn bar, similar to turn based rpgs. For example a Fabulous Bat (yes thats an actual monster) can have a turn bar with 2 dots, which means that every 2 turns it will attack with its given attack strength.

There is also items to equip, but so far I have not gotten any.


The Music

I love chiptunes and 8bit music, this game has a lot of it, from menus to the boss music, its just superb. It has nothing to do with the dubstep on the trailer btw.


The Grinding

The grinding is not bad, you collect stars by boss killing or questing, which in exchange lets you buy new character classes like ninjas, basketball players or other crazy stuff. You can also use it to buy stages or items to start with.


You level up and get to assign 1 stat point to Strength, Intelligence, Agility or Vitality. I don't think I need to explain what this stats do right? :)


Block Legend is one of those gems that don't come pretty often to the App Store, with a price tag of 1.99 and no in app purchases it makes it even more attractive in this time and era of 2.99 for double amount of coins and 49.99 for a bunch of in game currency.


Don't blame me if you get addicted to Block Legend.

Block Legend

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