I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Welcome Back, Dexter Fans/Followers/Friends. It seems Kinja is a little bit on the broken side today. What are some of the other really broken things around these parts? Dexter and Deb's relationship and Dexter's relationship with Harry. If you missed last week's discussion, you can find it right here. Catch up then meet me back here, otherwise, let's get to this, the 2nd Episode of the Final Season of Dexter.


It's not just relationships that are broken. Deb's entire mind seems to be a bit on the fuzzy, non-functioning side. Her morals are shot and possibly more times than she fired into El Sapo. I understand the fit of rage may have factored in when she did the horrible deed 4 times but Deb seemingly manages to crawl back home, go to sleep and shrug everything off without remembering a thing.

This nonchalant behaviour is going to reach a breaking point and the ticking time bomb that is Deb's full confession re La Guerta and Deb now being a murderer x2 (if the previews are anything to go by) is just one more layer of heartache, a pain in the membrane ache and a pain in the rear ache to Dexter.

But hey, all is not lost for our serial killer! Silver linings and all...?

While Dexter may now be feeling all sorts of anger towards Harry or at the very least, questioning Harry's motives and love for him as a son (a child obsessed with blood being born of blood etc etc), it seems Dexter has found himself a "Spiritual Mother". She's one who has been happy to lay the framework for survival to 'her cihld' as any 'good mother' would and certainly not the sort of mother who manipulates a child as an evil genius may conduct an experiment on a hamster. Oh no. Yeah. Right. I'm not feeling this one, Dexter Club. I'm even thinking she's experimenting all now with Dexter: watching her molded mind, Dexter closely and in cahoots with whoever this Melon Baller is. (What was it Masuka wanted to nickname him? I've forgotten but I'm all about referring to our 'killer' as the Melon Baller).

It's a twisted maze game with Vogel, my brain is telling me. I wouldn't be surprised if her empathy was melon balled out of her head too at birth.

Now we're back to pointless Quinn. So, what's going on here, hm? It seems Quinn and Deb are having a moment - or one the writers are trying to imply that still weighs on Quinn's heart. Whether this moment will lead to Deb 'trusting' him and be integral in the gears at work for the downfall of Dexter, has yet to be seen. Maybe he will cover for her in some sort of stupid Quinn love Prince Valiant behaviour. Or maybe she will just partner up with him and take her former brother from another mother down. I don't know. I'm still trying to figure out if pointless Quinn has a point. Let's not write him off yet.

So, that's it from me this week. I wrote down a bunch of points last night as I was watching but then I woke up this morning and my brain went melon balling into a different direction.

Will I ever stop mentioning melon balls in any of these write ups?

Was I the only one who initially thought young Michael Madsen, uh...young Indiana Jones went back and shot El Sapo a bunch of times a la Mr. Blonde?

Talk to me and share your thoughts on this case Fellow Blood Spatter Analysts!

What did the blood tell you?


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