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Board Game Night at TAY: Love Letter

Welcome to TAY Board Game Night! Each week I hope to bring you a new board game to try out, throw in a mini blurb about why you should play this game, and then highlight some expansions or challenges for you to try while you play. This week is Love Letter!

Love Letter is a quick card game for 2-4 players you can learn in about two minutes, then spend about another five playing a couple rounds, then about an hour as you aggressively re-challenge your friends and family to more rounds because now you’re addicted. Its a small card game you can pick up, take with you, bring out, and teach whenever you have 5 minutes or so to burn.


Love Letter is deceptively simple at first. The goal of the game is to end a round with the highest numbered card in hand, or be the last player standing. On your turn, you’re going to have one card in hand, then draw one card. You’ll choose one of the two, play it, and activate its effect. Very quickly though, the game becomes a game of deduction and trying to knock other players out of the round. As players play more cards, you’ll be able to eliminate possibilities from players hands, and be able to make more optimal plays. Luckily the cards here have a nice variety of effects that can keep your opponent’s guessing. and keep you safe.

(Fans of Adventure Time might want to pursue the clamshell version of Adventure Time Love Letter for its awesome Jake bag!)


There are quite a few variants of Love Letter out there, including Adventure Time, The Hobbit, and even a version featuring Batman and his rogues gallery. Each of these come with a few modifications to the rules to make play either a little speedier or a little more dynamic. For example, the Batman version will net you a few points whenever Batman knocks out a player holding a villain card. Some change up the cards, like The Hobbit which adds The One Ring to the mix. These versions still have the same core gameplay and the cards generally do the same thing across all versions.

Love Letter is a compact little deduction game you can find yourself playing over and over, or at least find yourself suggesting when you have 5 minutes to kill waiting for the pizza to arrive. Be sure to come back and let me know what Love Letter you guys have played and let me know what you think!


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