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Board to Death: A Question for a day

I’m sure no one has ever made that pun. You see it’s a pun because I am going to talk about how bored I am of board games for kids.

I had my fill when I was 5-now. Sorry? sorry, no. Hungry Hungry Hippos? More like, launch balls at my daughter and see if she notices. Candyland? More like.....stupidland. chutes and ladders? You. You are the worst offender. WHY PUT THAT ONE SLIDE THAT GOES ALL THE WAY bACK TO THE BEGINNING ON THE TOP ROW? THAT IS CRUEL. We actually instated a 1 time use rule. Once a slide is used, it cannot be re used. stupid chutes and ladders.


Anyway, my point is that I really don’t like the traditional board games. Anyone have any suggestions for a game that can be played with a 5 year old with pretty basic but passable reading skills?

Otherwise: What’s your favorite board game?

I just started playing Mage Knight. It’s.................................really really dense.

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