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I'm really feeling it!
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Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome — to my words. You know, I remember my first foray into Star Wars novels. It was Darksaber. Also, this has nothing to do with Boba Fett. You know what does, though? Tales of the Bounty Hunters. Even as a young teenager, whilst reading about Boba Fett, I knew, one day, there would be an amazing game based around him. Now, even in death, Walt Disney mocks me.

But the question still lingers. Why hasn't there been a wonderful, Triple-A game based around the murderous works of the most feared bounty hunter in known space?

Of course, the first game that should come to mind is Star Wars 1313. A game, the now reviled George Lucas stated, he wanted to be based on the Fett-Man. While what we were shown looked absolutely beautiful, 1313 seemed, by all accounts, to be a re-skinned version of the Uncharted series; your standard third-person platforming affair. While Uncharted is undeniably, a great series, I believe that a Boba Fett game deserves to be more than a clone of another successful game. In fact, Star Wars: The Old Republic has proven, with nary a doubt, that people want, and desire, something more than a Star Wars-skinned clone.

Speaking of clones — Boba Fett.


Instead of taking an entire game, stripping it of all things that make it unique, then slapping Star Wars over the holes, I believe that emulating some ideas of the best games this past generation has offered is a much better route to take. At least, it's better than removing Orcs and placing Sith Warriors and Inquisitors in their stead.


Disclaimer: I have no inherent knowledge in anything game development related. Nor am I a Boba Fett Expert. These are just a collection of my thoughts that I believe would have the potential to make a great Boba Fett-based game. Therefore, take everything I say here with a grain of salt.

Now, on to today's subject.

Boba Fett and Quests

It should be stated, for everyone who might not know this — Boba Fett is not evil. Yes, he did hunt down our group of young heroes in The Empire Strikes Back and delivered Han Solo's carbonite-encased body to Jabba the Hutt. This, however, does not mean that he is a truly evil character. Hell, not even Vader was pure evil.


In fact, one way to classify Boba Fett is to call him an Opportunist. But, even then, it still does not do him justice. He is an opportunist that adheres strictly to his moral code. If someone were to offer him a job, that conflicted with his honor-bound stance on a given subject, any amount of money offered unto him would be moot. He would decline the job and be about his way.

Princess Leia even offered Fett a large amount of money to switch sides during the Galactic Civil War. He refused it. Fett saw the the Empire as the rightful, governing law of the galaxy and the Rebellion directly opposed it, even though they had their reasons to do so. It's been a while since I've read Tales of the Bounty Hunters, but I believe that is what Fett's stance was.


Thus, this brings us to our first dilemma. Should we, as Boba Fett, be able to accept any given quest that is offered to us? Canon says — no. What we must do is provide a suitable work-around by giving detailed dialogue (an dialogue options) for those who truly care about sticking to the psyche of the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter. It's understandable that not everyone wants to be forced to adhere to how Boba Fett would react in situations, especially when his code of honor is tested. So we allow these secondary quests to be accepted or declined with no fuss. However, we reward players who do stay true to Fett, with a weapon mod, or small sum of credits, as we do not want people's progress in the game to be stymied by their canon-Fett choices. Once a side quest has been declined, there will not be another chance to accept it down the road. Thus, this would be a niche feature that would be a great fan service to die hard Boba Fett fans.

Now, only the bold would be brazen enough to contact Boba Fett on the street and offer him a deal, especially those who have no money and are pleading for his aid. In fact, he cares not for that. He is in this for money. He is cold, calculated and mean. If there is not a large quantity of credits being thrown his way, or he's not personally involved in the situation, he will most likely engage you in space fisticuffs!


However, this is ideal for a consequence mechanic. Let's say, for instance, that someone pleaded for your aid and you denied them. For example, someone lost everything to a loan shark, who took all but the clothes on their back, even though they had already paid off their debt. This person wanted revenge. Fett would believe, in my view, the stranger got himself into that situation by taking money from an unsavory type — much like Solo, and declined the quest. Therefore, being denied his vengeance, the quest giver is confronted by the loan shark and his cronies, later on in the game, and ends up being hurled out of a building to his death.

Unbeknownst to Fett, the man was related to someone of wealth and power. Fett receives a communication from the surviving family member. She states that she received a com from her brother, before his murder, saying that you [Fett] would not aid him in his quest to get back the credits that were stolen from him, even after his debts were paid from the shark. She then offers you a great sum of credits for the murderer's corpse. Fett gladly accepts, completes the quest, and receives the bounty.


So, what if you accepted the quest to begin with? The quest giver would still be alive, give you a portion of the credits taken from him, and there's a chance that even his sister might pay you for your services, and for her brother's life. Would you do what was morally good, by helping him? Or would you stay neutral and still decline?

Note: Declining is not evil, because evil would require intent. It was not Fett's intentions for the man to be killed, thus he would still remain neutral on the situation.


Also, now that I am thinking about it: Fetch quests are non existent. Unless someone wants the person taken alive. Boba Fett has not the time nor patience to harvest boar pelts from the backs of innocent space-faring meat meals.

Anyway, I believe that sums up the idea for quests in a Boba Fett game I would like to see. If I think of anything else, I will most likely update this write-up, or talk about it in my next episode: The Open-World Strikes Back!

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