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BOGO Question of the Day!

While Nach and Z are busy canoodling the days away in fancytown, USA - I've been busy wracking my brain for more QOTD for your entertainment. For Your Entertainment. FYE. Half life 3 confirmed. I loved that store! They used to have an arcade there where my friend (sort of) worked.
Sidebar: It's so weird to look back at my high school years with adult eyes and realize how insecure absolutely everyone was. ANYWAY.....

This guy would always give us free tokens. I also bought tons of Anime there (NGE the whole set on VHS TAPES! Oops.), music and video game stuff. It was really a great store. Now it sucks. Just as video killed the radio star (M.C. finished the job), it seems home consoles and digital media killed the entertainment stores.


Q1: Can you think of any other casualties of the video game upheaval?

and then, because it just popped into my head....

Q2: My nomination for stupidest video game character name is solid snake. He may as well be named boner man. What is yours?

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