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Boldly Going Where I've Never Gone Before

Owning an XBOX when I was young (age 12-17) meant hearing about two games in every magazine. KOTOR and Morrowind. But gaming mags were the ONLY place I ever saw them- no stores ever seemed to have them stocked. I resigned that I would never play them. Until recently.

You may have noticed a TAY blip mentioning that Square Enix’s GO mobile puzzle games (Lara Croft, Hitman, Deus Ex) were available for free with Amazon Underground, but in case you haven’t:


I decided to take a chance and download the app to download the games. I learned 3 pretty important things-

·No bullshit, free as free can free free. I got Deus Ex and a $15 add-on to try it out.

·I don’t really care for the GO puzzle games. They seem the same, and DX didn’t have any kind of tutorial, so it was just me failing over and over on the first level until I quit sucking that bad. I’m sure I would actually enjoy it given time, but point three made me just uninstall.

·There are a whole bunch of free games. Some that caught my eye were Duck Tales (ooo-WOOO-oo), every Goat Simulator, a bunch of Angry Birds, Sonic CD, and none other than KOTOR itself.


So, it’s obvious which one I downloaded, right? SuperWhy’s ABC Adventure.

With the Super Readers, we’re gonna fly!

No, you know the answer. I grabbed KOTOR.

Sadly, it needs 2.5Gb of space to install. I have 9 on my card but it refuses to install there, opting instead to try forcing itself in my phone’s memory, which is...I mean it’s stupid. Even if you assume that the majority of people buying your game will be using an expensive Flagship like Samsung’s Galaxy S series or HTC’s latest beauty or Google’s new “pure” standard, you have to assume that SOME people are relying on SD, right? Wrong.


Anyway, I’m not writing this to tell you guys how I got a game I can’t play. No, I’m asking for your take.

Star Wars: Kights of the Old Republic is a classic, beloved game. But I’ve never played it.


So what should I expect going in? Are there any tips, tricks, systems, or other things I should know (Like how in Mass Effect it’s best to pull the trigger on Karma Prompts)? Any builds or shit I should avoid? And most importantly, how tampered should my hype be (if at all) to avoid disappointment?

Spoiler free, what’s you’re favorite thing/moment/mechanic? Least?

That’s all for me.✌

Man, I love BSG

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