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Book Review: Stronger by Michael Carroll

Originally in published: 2012

Author: Michael Carroll

So this is what I had been reading recently. It’s a pretty good read in my opinion. Let me just summarize the plot for you all.


So this is like a story about super humans. It’s the story of Gethin Roa. That’s an awesome name by the way. Who out of nowhere got hit by puberty in the worst possible. At the age of twelve in the middle of a church no less he turned into a fourteen foot tall blue hairless giant man!

Obviously trouble ensues and the book is a recollection of Gethin who becomes known only as Brawn after his changes took place. It actually starts out with him in present time telling his story in the middle of a Mining Prison. Throughout the story you get the current day of Brawn dealing with being a slave as he reminisces of his past.

I really liked how it covered so many characters there are a ton great characters but I don’t want to spoil to much. However it is kinda like the same plight of The Hulk or The Thing. They really just want to be normal however in Brawn’s case he didn’t get to live his life as a hero, in fact you could say his life ended when he was twelve years old. He did some bad things thus he was stripped of his powers via unexplained methods and put to work in an awful mining enslavement camp.

But yeah apologies I wanted to write this while it was fresh in my mind. Also double apologies I’m writing this from my phone so apologies if there are many spelling and grammar errors.


Oh also I found out at the end that this book is the ass end of a trilogy. So now I’m looking for the others on Amazon. Thanks for reading.

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