I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

A few days ago, Chris Kohler did a little plug for a Humble Bundle for Boss Fight Books, and I just wanted to plug his plug.

I worked for this awesome independent publisher as an editorial intern for a while and I’m a huge fan of what they do. Each book is a nonfiction, critical deep dive into a game. Some go deep into game design, like the excellent Spelunky (written by Derek Yu, who actually made the game) and Jagged Alliance 2, while others are more of like a document of an author’s personal experience with a game and it’s cultural impact now, like my personal two favorites Bible Adventures and Super Mario Bros. 3.


Chris Kohler’s Final Fantasy V book is a great read too, with some great insight into Japanese game development and what it was like to import a game from overseas before the internet was all-encompassing.

Full disclosure, the editor-in-chief of Boss Fight is a personal friend, but I’m not getting any kind of a bonus or anything for this. Just wanted to draw attention to an awesome series of books, some great, personal writing about games that is a little more interesting than just a retelling of a development cycle. If you’re interested in game development, design, and how video games impact our lives beyond just entertainment, this bundle is a fantastic deal and just might help you find a creative way to examine and write about video games.

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