A silent and deadly update has arrived today earlier on the eShop: Steel Diver Sub Wars is now officially 2.0. Besides tweaks, after the update you can count on a all new map plus a nice selection of all new submarines to purchase at the game's sub shop, including the single player campaign boss submarine! But that's not even the best bit: If you own or buy the premium edition of the game until the 19th of this month, you can get for free Star Fox 64 / Lylat Wars Blue-Marine!

Now that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy in the cold, (not so) vast seas of the game. Sadly a missed opportunity on Nintendo that could have included the four team members of Star Fox as possible crew pick-ups for the subs (maybe 3.0?).

It's a really neat update and I am glad to see Nintendo continued support of the title. Still hoping for a Wii U HD version of this down the line, maybe even at e3.


Now I shall go and dare dream that this is just a tease for an all new Star Fox about to come... and I leave you with three phrases of wisdom that I carry with my in my daily life and have helped me out of various tight situations:

- Use the boost to get trough.

- Use bombs wisely.

- Do a barrel roll.

Never forget. *salutes*