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BREAKING: Ani-TAY Assimilates National Car Dealerships

In a stunning turn of events, Ani-TAY, a group founded in the bowels of Kotaku's reader-run blog Talk Amongst Yourselves, has won a lawsuit stating that ownership of the premises, all vehicles located within, and their inventories, should be transferred to the Ani-TAY group as vehicles and buildings are featured in anime.

This decision comes on the heels of a major victory recently earned by the same group over farm owners and grocers, as food, beverages, and other assorted goods are featured predominately in every anime ever made.


"We are only trying to cover these things and take ownership over what should have inherently always belonged to us," stated a source close to the group, whom wished to stay anonymous. "If there was more interest from other groups regarding what we are trying to take control over, maybe then we wouldn't have overstep our boundaries as we have."

However, as of last year, Ani-TAY was given total control over manga, visual novels, and other closely-related media, thus the world is hard pressed to find any other group that can challenge this overbearingly dominating force.

At the time of this post, PETA, and other humanitarian organizations, were notified of an impending lawsuit being brought against them by Ani-TAY. This suit states that they must hand over control of their animals or have them euthanized, as animals are indeed prevalent in anime.

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