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BREAKING NEWS: New research turns the video game industry upside down

BREAKING NEWS: New research turns the video game industry upside down. Studies from the university of Harderwijk shows evidence that turns the gaming industry at large upside down. Dutch research professors have been known saying that this without a single doubt will alter proceedings and business models the world over. To quote dr. Trapernietin: Millions of gamers have been uncovered playing games without even Googles knowledge.

Up until the 21st century, the gaming industry has been seen as a growing market. Video games from Pong onward have increased in market led by companies such as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft with many companies competing for the larger market share. During the 21st century, gaming came to phone companies through smartphone gaming apps which expanded and overtake the market.


Researchers believed that smart phone gaming would replace gaming on a dedicated machine within years, but all that comes to full stop with the breaking report from dr. Trapernietin and his team. They have uncovered what they call the hidden gamer. This hidden gamer has been active since the nineties and have grown in number exponentially since.

The hidden gamer is usually found in an office, working to crunch numbers, write reports or generally do work that has little visibility outside their respective companies. The hidden gamer will become active once the watchful eye of their respective bosses turn away. A common perception of the hidden gamer is that they do not consider themselves gamers.

Some numbers: an estimated 40% of the populace is working office jobs.

These office workers generally work 40 hours a week.

20% of time spent at the work place is done secretly playing games.

These games on display range from all time classics such as solitaire and mine-sweeper to incredible alternates such as blackjack and spiders. Even more interesting to dr. Trapernietin is that solitaire has a near 100% attach rate and has been reported as having over one THOUSAND hours of play time.


dr. Trapernietin expects this research to lead all investors and stakeholders to request their respective companies to add their games for free on the Micorosoft Windows platform. For those looking savy to include macintosh computers might be wise to consider chess being the most popular game. dr. Trapernietin also mentioned that work avoidance gaming already has a larger market share than smartphone and classic gaming combined.


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Seriously, I know I'm very late to the party, but anyone still thinking smart phone gaming overtakes console gaming based on numbers still doesn't get why the two don't compare. Which was basically the point of the article. Side notes: The university of Harderwijk existed in the past but it's absence makes almost all fake news bulletins in Holland mention it as the source ;).

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