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I'm really feeling it!
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Breath of the Wild Animals, Ranked

Our ranking process is very comprehensive.
Our ranking process is very comprehensive.

This is a definitive, final, and absolute ranking of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s animals. All animals included in the compendium are on the list. You are entitled to your opinion, but it is definitely wrong.


Without further ado:

83. Pink Heron

82. Sand Sparrow

81. Mountain Crow

80. Water Buffalo

79. Mountain Doe

78. Woodland Boar - More like woodland bore, right?

77. Restless Cricket - Always around, and almost always fly away before they can be caught.

The source of all cricket hate.
The source of all cricket hate.

76. Warm Darner

75. Mountain Goat - No animal in this game wants to kill you more.

74. Mighty Carp

73. Cold Darner

72. Armored Porgy

71. Golden Sparrow

70. Sanke Carp

69. Fairy

68. Highland Sheep

67. Wood Pigeon

66. Mighty Porgy

65. Red-Tusked Boar

64. Hyrule Bass

Swimming with the fish.
Swimming with the fish.

63. White Goat

62. Blue-Winged Heron

61. Donkey

60. Red Sparrow

59. Hearty Lizard

58. Maraudo Wolf - Not good boys.

57. Common Sparrow

56. Seagull

55. Summerwing Butterfly

54. Voltfin Trout

53. Hateno Cow


52. Hearty Bass

51. Cold-Footed Wolf - Name sounds like they’re complaining. Wussies.

50. Winterwing Butterfly

49. White Pigeon

48. Bushy-Tailed Squirrel

47. Wasteland Coyote

46. Hotfeather Pigeon

45. Sneaky River Snail - Glowing is cool, but also, like, the least sneaky thing imaginable?

Not sneaky!
Not sneaky!

44. Armored Carp

43. Sizzlefin Trout

42. Rainbow Sparrow

41. Ironshell Crab

40. Razorclaw Crab

39. Hightail Lizard - Cool, but so annoying to catch.

38. Staminoka Bass - Fun to say. Sta-mi-NO-KA.

37. Electric Darner

36. Bladed Rhino Beetle

35. Chillfin Trout

34. Thunderwing Butterfly

33. Bright-Eyed Crab

32. Hearty Blueshell Snail

31. Eldin Ostrich - A really weird choice that mostly works.

30. Bright-Chested Duck

29. Blue Sparrow

28. Mountain Buck

27. Blupee - Free money, but also so creepy.

A blupee or The Terminator?
A blupee or The Terminator?

26. Rugged Rhino Beetle

25. Hearty Salmon - One of the handiest animals for cooking.

24. Tireless Frog

23. Stealthfin Trout

22. Honeyvore Bear

21. Smotherwing Butterfly

20. Tabantha Moose

19. Stalhorse - Loses points for exploding.

18. Sunset Firefly

The Breath of the Grave of the Fireflies.
The Breath of the Grave of the Fireflies.

17. Sand Seal

16. Rainbow Pigeon

15. Energetic Rhino Beetle

14. Horse

13. White Horse

12. Grizzlemaw Bear - Why won’t Nintendo let me name my bear?

11. Patricia (Riju’s Sand Seal) - Seal puns so good Nintendo had to hold them back.


10. Lord of the Mountain

9. Cucco - Deadly creatures, as always.

8. Fireproof Lizard - Bros.

7. Islander Hawk - The chillest animal in Zelda is figuratively and literally above everything that goes down in this game.


6. Giant Horse

5. Hot-Footed Frog - I’m a big frog guy.

4. Grassland Fox

3. Hylian Retriever - All good boys.

2. Great-Horned Rhinoceros - Super weird and super cool.

The best.
The best.

1. Snowcoat Fox

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