I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Now that everyone has had some time with the latest and greatest Zelda game, I’m thinking it’s time to air out our feelings and discuss without fear of slipping in spoilers.

If you’re not done with the game and avoiding spoilers head elsewhere. If you don’t care join in. You’ve been warned.


Firstly, I loved the divine beasts. They were a great (but hopefully not permanent) replacement to dungeons of older Zelda titles. I only wish that they included one or two more cutscenes/memories involving the champions they related to. I wanted to get to know Daruk and Urbosa more and two-ish cutscenes didn’t cut it. Also, assuming you completed the game as I’m sure Nintendo intended, they were epic in the final battle scene.

Ganon’s Calamity form was intense and creepy. I feel like I cheated the boss fight by using the champion powers as much as I did, along with lots and lots of food. I couldn’t figure out how to damage him after he turned orange at 1/4 health. The final Ganon Pig form was less interesting.

The final Zelda reveal was emotional for me. I mentioned it in my Hot Take but the direction they went with Zelda as a character was interesting in a way that wasn’t better or worse but definitively different from OoT and WW and TP Zelda. She was emotional but not in a teenage angst way. The way they developed her through memories was interesting too.

What about everyone else? Discuss below!

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