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For those who've backed the Double Fine Kickstarter, please check your email for access to the game. You will need Steam. Since the game isn't out for everyone and limited to the First Act, I'm going to keep spoilers and detail to the minimum. Also, I haven't finish the game since I got stuck after a few hours of play and it's late, so I'm probably not seeing the solution.

The game starts with the exact image you see at the top. You can choose who's story you wish to play. Randomly clicking, I've started Vella's story who's tale is about a world where maidens are sacrifice to appease a monster. And after getting stuck, I've easily switch over to Shay's story, a passenger on a spaceship that baby him. I'm not entirely sure where both tales will lead but one thing is obvious, both characters are tired of living a set path in life.


Gameplay wise, it's a point and click adventure. There is definitely a Monkey Island vibe to the game. But in comparison to Telltale's point and click adventure games, Broken Age may come off as simple which isn't bad. The game itself doesn't rush you and lets you enjoy the art.

After spending a few hours on the game, I found the game to be quite charming from the artwork to the story. If you enjoy many of Tim Shafer's adventure games, you'll definitely enjoy this one but don't expect anything too crazy from the story. If Monkey Island is a novel, then Broken Age is a nice wonderful bedtime story.

Kickstarter investment well spent and will definitely look forward to Act 2, after I finish Act 1.

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