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Brothers Grimm - MMOstory - SWTOR Pt 1

—————————Hi there! Your friendly TmfP here! With a message from myself and my good buddy LoserMLW. We decided that we like MMOs, like to write articles for TAY, and love taking screenshots. But how oh how can we put that together? Oh I know! We can do an article on TAY writing about our experiences with MMOs .. and HAVE SCREENSHOTS! I know - I know, almost too brilliant.

But stay with us, we are going to be doing this for quite a while I think! Currently we are progressing our way through Star Wars: The Old Republic and I'll tell you, with other people? This game is a blast. So we will be taking turns one article at a time describing our time playing the game from the point of views of our characters. We hope to develop them as we go. If all goes well we should be also doing other MMOs as we see fit! It has caused my SBLT to be put on the back burner, but this was too much fun to pass up. Soooo, on with the regularly scheduled programming!———————————————————-


—Log Entry 1— Is this thing even on? Perhaps. Yes, I believe I have it working now. My name? My name is Ka'io Grimm. I finally arrived onto Korriban with my brother Kall'ek. It was quite the change of pace from slave life in the rim. Brother had never had to endure that life, but no matter; we were soon to be Sith. Atop of the worlds as they say. Surrounded by so much history, my people - a once glorious people who ruled the galaxies. And here I was being treated worse then trash. But as we looked upon the wasteland around the Academy planet of Korriban I found myself drawing on that desire, the dark side of the force fueling my desire to become the greatest.

—Log Entry 2— After being told I was nothing, I was sent into the ruins of the tombs of Dark Lords to speak with some Lord who will determine my worthiness that my Overseer was sure I could not find. When we reached the tomb we were met with an Imperial soldier who desired us to destroy these wretched bugs that had over taken the tomb.


As we ventured into the tomb battling these retched creatures I found myself seething with anger as we came upon looters. How DARE they defile these tombs with their less then worthy hands. They were less then even I a lowly slave. They dare walk these halls and desecrate these resting places for their own profit, my anger knew no bounds; and it fed my power - I felt as though they were the same as those bugs that my brother and I were just destroying.


Deep within the bowels of the tomb I finally come upon the old lord who would determine my worthiness.


The old man looked upon me and saw something, I'm unsure what. He said that those training below would be my trial. With my brother at my side we struck down these fools who thought to stop my ascension. The lord found me worthy and returned me to my Overseer.

—Log Entry 3— How is it my brother is treated so well? Like a golden child he is brought through his trials with some relative ease. Meditate before an alter, slay a mind-less beast, all of which I gladly did next to him to see him through his trials. But what had I done to be treated the way I had. My hatred for my Overseer grew even deeper then before. Again the fool sent me into another tomb again to gain knowledge that will only feed my power; my strength. If I were not bound to succeed I would have destroyed him given the opportunity. And once again my brother was sent to the same tomb, seeking out artifacts that would signal his next trial to be completed as well.


When we reached the tomb I was met with grand tablet set into the very building of the tomb that stored hidden sith knowledge. My knowledge.


We were beset by a man desiring us to search something for him within the tomb, something known as the Red Machine. There we meditated before it and from our powers came a great rumble, escaping from doors trapped behind were those disgusting bug creatures again. With great strength and power my brother and I vanquished the bugs we received the machines information returning it to the crazed fool.

I tire of this recording. I will return and speak more of our tales here on Korriban soon. All will know how the Brothers Grimm became the greatest Sith Legacy since before the Golden Age of the Sith.

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