I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Such a puntastic and accurate title on this one. It was recently released to the public the prototype Super Nintendo ROM of "Buck Rogers - The Arcade Game" by Loriciel. As we all know, no such game was ever released during the SNES life cycle so I gave the game a spin:

Now wait a minute! That's " Jim Power: The Lost Dimension in 3D"! That's right, for whatever reason Loriciel didn't get the Buck Rogers license and released the game instead as a sequel to Commodore Amiga's Jim Power. But there are significant differences between the prototype and the final game, namely the fact that the prototype isn't' seizure inducing. Take a look at the first level of of the final game:

Did you catch it? The background in the final games 2D platform levels walks backwards! This is because of the " in 3D" bit of the game, supposedly the effect was neat using stereoscopic 3D glasses but the only thing it gave me was a headache. The game itself is incredibly challenging, European 90's platform game hard in case you're wondering. But the amazing soundtrack by legendary composer Chris Huelsbeck always made me try to finish it. And for what I have played, I must say I prefer the prototype to the final game! How ironic...


I do love discovering stuff like this all the time, makes me feel like a retro gamer Indiana Jones. Very high on my wish list remains RARE's 99% complete and unreleased "Killer Instinct 2" Super Nintendo ROM and their prototype build of "Wrestlerage" plus Spectrum's Holobyte "Beastball" for SNES (The Megadrive prototyped was dumped a few years ago).

Many thanks for ChronoMoogle for the news tip and Manu Loewe for dumping the prototype to the public.

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