I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Note: Although I read Season 8 and 9 I’m not including them here. They’d probably be somewhere near the bottom. Dawn as a giant mixed with Xander/Dawn romance = no. Not to mention the incomprehensible story. Not a huge fan of these.


In Reverse Order:

  1. Season 1 - It was just bad, I’m amazed it got renewed, honestly
  2. Season 5 - Dawn. I get that she was telegraphed from seasons prior but man, it didn’t help cushion the blow.
  3. Season 2 - I just wasn’t a fan of Angel...like at all. He really came into his own on Angel
  4. Season 6 - Real hit and miss season - sometimes the villains were funny sometimes they weren’t, but watching Warren get flayed at least lands this one in the middle of the pack.
  5. Season 4 - Confession: I liked Riley. I liked the plot of this season, and it had some seriously killer episodes like Hush.
  6. Season 7 - A fitting conclusion to the series. Worth its weight in gold.
  7. Season 3 - The Mayor, Faith, Graduation. What more could you ask for?

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