I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Rather than post a random thought for my first attempt at "authoring," I decided I would try to forge a new weekly TAY column. I have had a few ideas kicking around in my noggin, so expect others to be created eventually as well. For this first weekly column, I am thinking of looking back at those games that never quite hit the sweet spot of critical acclaim and/or success, but that were still quality titles that you love.

For me, it makes sense to start with a game that might still be on everyone's minds: "Spec Ops :The Line." In a year filled with big releases and quality indie games, Spec Ops fell off of a lot of people's radars. Its advertising painted it as a slightly more compelling version of CoD, and the primary feature that the game advertised was "YOU CAN SHOOT SAND!" Understandably, people were unimpressed by the advertising blitz and gave the game a wide berth. Sales were middling, and the game's own dev team soon started publicaly stating that the behind the scenes relationship with the publisher was not great, especially in regards to the tacked on multiplayer.


With all of the negativity surrounding the game's advertising, sales, and even dev team, it is shocking that Spec Ops turned out to not only be good, but one of the best games of the last decade. The gameplay was solid, the production values were higher than expected, and the narrative was one of the best in recent memory in any media format. In a way though, Spec Ops middling sales fit the game perfectly. This is not a game set up for sequels, and so it is nice knowing that the experience is complete, unencumbered by bastardized sequels that cheapen the experience.

So, I have rambled about Spec Ops for a bit, now it is your turn to, you know, talk amongst yourselves. Talk about your thoughts on Spec Ops, or maybe give some suggestions about other buried treasure. Or, maybe come up with a more original name than Buried Treasure, which is unoriginal and atrocious...

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