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Buying Games on Sale

I’m always excited to see all the cool deals during the Steam Summer Sale, but when ever I take the time to think about the sales, they seem like a waste of money. The huge price cuts to multiple quality games during the sale is fantastic because it lets you try out multiple new games for a low price, but when will you make the time to play all those new games? For me, I’ve become more trepidatious about buying new games even if they are on sale because I already have a huge backlog of games and books I’ve bought on sale in the past. I feel that I should get through those games and books I already bought before I buy a new game or book so they don’t feel like a waste of money.


Of course, I do still occasionally buy a game if it’s on sale and I’ve heard good things about it beforehand, but these exceptions are becoming rarer and rarer as time goes on and as my backog piles up.

What’re your thoughts about buying games on sale?

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