I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

I know I'm a minority in my country when I say I do not follow or particularly like soccer, however there was this soccer management game of all things I was curious to try: "Calciobit"!

Sadly this Gameboy Advance exclusive came out late in the consoles lifespan (2006) and was never released outside of Japan which is a shame because it would certainly do rather well at least in the European soccer crazy crowds. But on April 17th they will have their chance because the newly named "Nintendo Pocket Football Club" will be released on 3DS eShop. Here is the latest trailer:

Glad to see it retains it's incredible charming graphics while hiding a deep soccer management simulation underneath and thanks to the online capabilities of Nintendo's latest hand-held, the scope of the game will be rather larger then it's original outing. Of course the impeding craze of the upcoming Brazilian World Cup will also help.


Looks like a special promo price until May 1st means it will set me back 11.99€ instead of the regular 14.99€. Anyone out here looking forwards to this one? Or would you prefer something American Football related instead?

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