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Call for Help Blip: Is My Computer Melting?

So just recently I’ve come into some computer issues. Upon boot either I have no inputs with a frozen Windows login screen, or I get an error readout from ASUS saying that the CPU is Overheating and that I need to consult BIOS right away. BIOS has both said that I’ve been 60* Celcius and over 90* within the span of five minutes. Here are some additional readouts I’ve done:

I’m inclined to think HWMonitor might be looking for a sensor that doesn’t exist, because I’m pretty sure my rig would be somewhat melted around the heatsink if I was floating at 120*C right? Meanwhile, Core Temp is giving me solid readouts that each core is around 50-60*C, (which if you look back up at HWMonitor under the Intel Temperature section it seems similar).


I’ll be the first to admit, the rig was goddamn DUSTY, and it does still really need a proper dis-assembly and cleaning with compressed air, but for now I did a triage clean of removing as much dust from the fans and some internal components as I (safely) could .

Essentially I’ve had anything from BSOD errors to CPU Overclocking... but as soon as I bypass those, here I am, typing to you right now, gaming, and everything seems fine.

I know TAY isn’t necessarily Tom’s Hardware, but I value all of your opinions, and would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks everyone



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