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Call to Fanboys for E3 reviews.

inAnimateAlpha posted a thought on the competing consoles a while ago. I think many of us felt the same way. Why is that Sony fan so hyped for a game of which we've seen only cinematics. Or why was that Microsoft showing the best ever when it didn't do anything to me? Which led me to an idea.


Basiccaly I need fanboys. Unadulterd fans of one of the big Three. To write a shamelessly fanboyish review of the varying pressers. This way, we might better understand why the competing fanboys felt so great about their announcements. The idea is that you won't have to hold back on why Vita TV is perfect in every way, or why Microsoft showing just games, of which most are multiplatform, is a good thing.

The most important part will be to gain an insight into the mind of the fanboy. I'm thouroughly in the Nintendo camp myself. But I'd really like to see some Sony or Microsoft love, and be able to understand what's cooking for them.

Also, I need names. We can't all write reviews, unless we have reviews to read for a month. Then again, maybe we can? Sound off in the comments so we can all work out this idea together.


Current Collaberations:

Microsoft: DisturbedShadow

Sony: This might be you :D

Nintendo: Wiim

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