I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hello everyone! It's been roughly a month since MH4U has come out and I've basically gotten to the end of end game. The apex of apex monsters and you know what? I need a break from getting my ass kicked. So, I want to see who wants play together.

I'll be available after 5pm PST Friday and for most of the day Saturday and Sunday. So what times would you all be willing to hunt. Let me know in the comments.


Edit: Just checked my schedule, and I plan to be online at 2PM PST on Saturday. So try to be online then, or message me again so I can adjust when I should be online.

P.S. Also, I want to apologize to NightRaven for last night. My friends who were also in the hall wanted to come and that's why I abandoned. I hoped you would come back to the hall so we could reform the group ;_;

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