I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I was browsing YouTube earlier today and came across a very specific video recommendation that immediately caught my attention. Thinking it was some sort of next gen Capcom fighting game, I clicked on it only to find another video game that has been quietly making its way to several YouTube personalities. In the video below, fighting game enthusiast Maximillian plays around with a very early build of the title currently known Project Battle.

The game is being described as similar to Hearthstone with a bit more emphasis on speed. An average match takes about 3 - 5 minutes, taking a cue from traditional fighters complete with HP, special moves, and some real-time actions in the form of “Active Response.” But the most impressive feature is the original artwork and presentation complete with character animations and voicework. For an early build, it seems like Capcom is banking a lot of time and resources on this card game to stand out from similar titles.


There is still not a whole lot of info in regards to Project Battle, including a release date and what platforms it will launch on, though this seems destined to hit mobile devices based on the UI (you can see the “Tap to Start” on the title screen above). For a more details on how the game plays, check out the video.

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