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Captain's Log: Console vs. Handheld

As has become the new M.O. of Captain's Log, I thought about this subject a lot while I was playing through my most recent game. The game in question for this installment is the late 2013 Playstation 3 release, Puppeteer. Many consider this game to be one of the most overlooked gems in the Playstation catalogue, as its release date and status as a full retail 2D platformer caused it to be ignored by the gaming community at large.

While I do agree that Puppeteer deserved more attention that it got, I also feel that it is a deeply flawed game that is hindered by the console it is on. Puppeteer is a game that demands your attention, from the art style to the way the story is presented. There is so much in this game that I absolutely love, but I feel that it was lost by the nature of it being a console game. Had this game been released on the PS Vita, it would have immediately become a must play, instead of a curiosity that only those who love unique gaming experiences should seek out.


The largest issue I have with Puppeteer being on a home console is the way that the story is presented. Much like my beloved Kid Icarus: Uprising, Puppeteer tells its story as the game itself unfolds. There are some instances in which the combination of the game's audio, background noise from my home, and the story scenes melded together and became a jumble of noise that I could not distinguish. I eventually realized that I could turn on subtitles, which helped out a lot, but I still feel that something was lost. The voice acting in the game is honestly some of the best I've come across, and if I could have cozied up with some headphones, it would have made the experience all the better.

There were even times in which I felt that the Vita's touchscreen might have been good for anything. Certain segments in which Kurato cuts the scenery along a seam to progress just screamed out for touch controls, but they obviously aren't possible on the PS3. Particularly in later levels, when Kutaro can select an easier or harder route of the seam to follow, dragging your finger on the path you want to take would have worked wonders. I often found myself moving along a path other than the one I wanted to take, simply because the game apparently didn't recognize which direction I wanted it to go. Had I been dragging my finger along the path that I wanted it to take, however, such a problem would not have arisen. Sure touch controls in those areas would bring up some different problems, how to jump or handle the obstacles that needed several cuts to get through, but they could easily be fixed with a tap or use of the shoulder buttons.

I'm sure that Puppeteer isn't the last game I'll play that I feel should have been on a handheld or console when it was on the other. I feel that way sometimes when I put a little time into Bravely Default. I love that I can take a little bit of time out each day to grind or what have you, but I would love to be able to sink some massive time into it on my Wii U. Such is life though. So chime in with the games you wish were released on a piece of hardware other than what they came out on.

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