I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So! Have I mentioned that I’m going to be seeing CHVRCHES live very soon?? Well, I am, and that has me very excited! Part of the anticipation, as is par for the concert course, is wondering what they’re going to play, and hoping that certain songs make the cut. Here is one of my biggest dream choices.

Every Open Eye
“Empty Threat”

This upbeat synthy anthem is one of my favorite songs from CHVRCHES’ second album. It basically has been ever since the first listen, but this goes farther still by then being one of those slow burners that I like actually even more after hearing it so much. It’s also probably one of the absolute best outpourings of pure optimism committed to sound out there, with a bright and sunny aesthetic to match.


Which is kind of unusual for something that’s about backing down from the titular threat, i.e. ending one’s relationship. Usually, “backing down” is an act of resignation, an admission of defeat. That thing that people sing about NOT doing because their resolve is strong. In short, it is not a sentiment that would be considered happy.

The wrinkle that makes “Empty Threat” tick, however, is why the singer is taking it back: The realization, when they think on everything, that this thing the two have going on has measurably made them happier. And not in a cutting-my-losses kind of way, either. Given the sheer glee with which Lauren Mayberry sings this, it should be easily apparent that this is not an act of compromise. We’re not avoiding loneliness; we’re embracing the good.


That kind of rediscovered resolve is something worth being positively giddy about. This song constantly makes me smile whenever I hear it, it’s so infectious. The built-in self-affirmation also makes it especially appropriate for the high heat and scorching rays of summer; if the weather this Sunday happens to fit that bill, it would be the perfect moment to play this song live.

Plus, the music video is adorable and sweet. :3

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