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Catching those Pesky "Dangerous" Bugs

So, as we move into the month of July, we have a whole new bunch of bugs and fish to catch in New Leaf. However, there are two of those that can be quite hard to catch without the proper know-how. I'm talking about the tarantula and scorpion.

I'm sure that most of you have already seen at least one tarantula since they've been spawning since release. The bugs are quite "rare." I put rare in quotes because now that it is July, most of the bugs can be scared away just by bumping into a tree, keeping a constant flow of new insect spawns. Both of the bugs spawn on non-rainy summer nights from 7PM-4AM. The tarantula looks like a large black shadow scooting around on the ground and is much easier to spot than the earthy red-colored scorpion. Now, the way these bugs differ from the others is that they will attack you if you have a net equipped or if you step on them. There are a couple of ways of going about catching them that will make your life much easier. One of these is easier but has some situational requirements, the second is pretty much a guaranteed catch but requires some skill (it's also a lot more fun).


Method #1: What you'll want to do is scour your town from the bottom up. It's important to approach from the bottom because your FOV is much larger. Upon spotting a tarantula or scorpion, you'll want to wait until they turn away from you, then charge towards them and swing. You'll have enough time to line your shot before you get attacked. The problem with this method is that you have to catch the bug completely off guard, which can be tricky due to their rarity. Also, a non-attacking tarantula or scorpion will only be on the ground for about 10 seconds before it scuttles away and disappears.

Method #2: This is my preferred way of going about it. What you want to do is find one of the two bugs, then you want to pull out your net and piss it off. You're not going to try and catch it yet, you just want it to charge. Be wary, these things move as fast as a running human player, so watch out for your flowers and take wide turns. Run from the critter, taking care to not turn too sharply over bridges so they don't fall in the water, and get to your town square. Once you're in the square, circle the tree until you gain a bit of distance from the bug, who will take a wider turn than you. When you're comfortable, loop around and run straight south, about face, and you'll have roughly one second to line up a capture. Works every time once you figure it out, and it also (pretty much) eliminates the possibility of the bug de-spawning.

Also, once you get both, they engage in mortal combat in the museum for the rest of eternity!

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