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Cats On A Dragon Quest Adventure Is Everything

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Some of you may not be as enamoured with the Dragon Quest series as I am. But I think most of us can agree that dressing up our four-legged feline friends to go on a tough Dragon Quest inspired JRPG adventure is as endearing as life gets.


In case you missed this video published as part of the celebration of Japan’s National Cat Day on February 22, a cat and his crew throw themselves into danger. Equipped with a traditional hero outfit, our less than enthusiastic lone cat gingerly steps his way through rugged terrain of cardboard cut out trees, bushes, and props, all carefully placed in what seems to be someone’s hardwood floor apartment.

No Dragon Quest journey would be complete without devious fights of its traditional monsters, represented by plushes I wish I had. It also wouldn’t be legit if Koichi Sugiyama’s signature soundtrack was missing from this daring quest. But there it is, compositions interject at various parts in the video in all their glory. Sound clips, boss fight themes, and the ones that occupy the scary caves no one likes to explore.


As a friend pointed out, special shout out to the level 10 cat who smacks the face of the leader in an extreme show of disrespect at the 2:38 minute mark. Proving that not all members of your party will always see eye to eye. Also that cats continue to prove themselves to be the jerks we know them to be. Is that cat Dragon Quest VII’s Maribel of cats? I’m leaning towards yes. How unfortunate.

Watch the entire sordid tale of humans embarrassing their cats (but only at the whimsy of cats actually allowing it. Fact) below:

Let us learn from these cats, who are teaching us proper role-playing etiquette until we get Dragon Quest XI, which as of now, has a 2018 Western release window.


Source: Square Enix Channel

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