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Celebrate Tabletop Day with These Digital Games!

It’s April 30th, and today is International Tabletop Day. A day created by the minds behind Geek & Sundry. Today, you’re encouraged to take some time and play some board games with friends and family.

However, not everyone has a liking for board games, or maybe there isn’t a local game store holding an event. Well no worries, because there are plenty of video games that play just like board games. Some of these can be played locally or online, so you should never feel left out!


Civilization V

Needs more dice rolls

Board Game Equivalent: Settlers of Catan, Risk

Hours per game: Varies

The hexagonal layout, the turn based action, the different win cons. Civilization V has got to be one of the most board game like strategy games I’ve ever played. With different land arrangement, and leadership changes possible with every game, no game of Civ V should ever be the same. Which makes it a great choice to play this Tabletop Day!


Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II

Can’t crtically miss in this game!

Board Game Equivalent: Warhammer/Warhammer 40K

Hours per game: 1-2 depending on skill

The RTS based on the one of the longest standing tabletop games ever! Dawn of War 2 is the current go to for Warhammer fans until Total War: Warhammer is released next month.


Mario Party

That star is MINE!

Board Game Equivalent: Trouble, Sorry, Monopoly

Hours to play: 1-2

Nintendo’s take on a video game board game. Mario Party was first released on the N64 back in 1998. It has gone through many sequels since then and is currently in it’s tenth installment on the Wii U. The series will forever turn the best of friends into the worst of enemies.



You’ve activated my SECRET!

Board Game Equivalent: Magic: The Gathering

Hours to play: 10-3o minutes per match

Blizzard Entertainment’s entry to the CCG genre. Hearthstone has become one of most popular games on Twitch, (currently 90k+ viewing). An easy to pick up game with little financial commitment. This free-to-play game will keep you entertained for hours.


Keep Talking and No One Explodes

Cut all the wires!

Board Game Equivalent: Party Games, Perfection!

Time to Play: Varies, time can be set.

This Indie game is what a party game should be! One person in the chair, others screaming and laughing. Now that the game has VR support (should you have a headset), local games are even funner.


The Jackbox Party Pack

He’d definitely misrepresent!

Board Game Equivalent: Trivial Pursuit, Party Games

Time to Play: Varies depending on amount of questions set.

The go to trivia based video game. The You Don’t Know Jack series has been around since 1995. The latest release on Steam came bundled with several other games, with varying player amounts. Anyone with a phone or tablet can join in as long as they have the room code. This makes it perfect for large gatherings!


Those are just some suggestions on what digital games you can partake on this fine International Tabletop Day! Enjoy your game filled day!


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