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CEO 2018 Weekend - Everything You Need in One Place

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Later today, FGC major event, CEO 2018 is set to begin. Normally I post all of these resources on a private wordpress account. But since wordpress is trying to screw me, I figured other people could use this info too.


With over 3700 entrants this year, CEO is looking like a mini-EVO. With EVO sporting numbers of 10,000+ entrants, it’s still the undisputed champion of fighting game events. But with 14 tournaments and 4 major fighting game tours being represented, it’s easy to see that CEO is one of the most respected events in the community.

CEO 2018 Fighting Game Championships

Visit the event’s Smash.gg page for details on brackets and player placements.



These stream schedules are brought to you by AceKingOffsuit on twitter. The man works hard and ever since I started trying to find information on events, I understand his pain. When a schedule and/or stream link is nowhere to be found, I think of him and wonder if he’s had more success.

Stream Links:



You can add and remove streams in the MultiTwitch by clicking the “Change Streams” button in the bottom right corner.

Note: If you’re going to tune into Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition VODs, be aware that CapcomFighters VODs are subscriber only. The top 8 matches are usually uploaded onto their YouTube channel. But they are split up match by match, making it difficult to avoid spoilers if you’re trying to watch the entire top 8. Even if you’re only trying to watch the grand finals, you can tell by the timestamp if the match got reset or not. If I can find a proper upload or playlist of the top 8, I’ll post it here.


CEO 2018 isn’t the only event happening this weekend, however. If you live in my neck of the woods (Europe) or you get up at unusually early hours (shout out to Thatsmapizza) and wanna get some smash action, you can watch the Awakening 2018, taking place in Germany.

Awakening 2018


We got some European heavy hitters in attendance in RB Ice, Asterion Amsah, Professor Pro, and VCA Overtriforce. They all rank within the top 60 world rankings, but they’re top 10 players in Europe.



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All of the times listed in this stream is of the CEST timezone. I suggest using this time converter if you need it. Here’s one with all the timezones like in the CEO schedule above.


Always ready to stream European smash, GeekyGoonSquad will be providing the internet power.


So what are you most looking forward to? Everything is set to start 1 hour after this post goes live. Personally, I’m a fan of Smash Melee, NRS (Mortal Kombat & Injustice), and Tekken 7.

My plan for today is to watch Injustice 2 pools until Melee singles start. Then I’ll switch between the two periodically. Saturday I’ll watch Awakening in the morning and than switch between Tekken 7 Pools and Melee top 96 until Injustice Top 8 starts. After which I’ll see, since I don’t want to stay up until 4am. I’ll have to catch up via VODs the next day, if I can. Sunday it’s awakening PM until 13:00, catch up on VODs until 17:00, and watch Melee till 21:00. Tekken 7 Top 8 starts at 20:45, but they never start on time anyway.

Papito Qinn is into the whole YouTube thing, is the winner of the 2016 SpookTAYcular Scary Story Contest, and atwitter incompetent. “Stream schedule pending, my ass...”

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