I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled Challenger Approaching: A Weekly Smash Bros Character Profile

There are few series I love as much as Super Smash Bros. I mean, Link shooting arrows at Pikachu while Captain Falcon pummels Star Fox? It doen't get much better than that. The last time a Smash Bros title launched I took a week off of school (or maybe it was just Spring Break, I dont remember) and played to my hearts content, marveling at the new characters and move-sets. Nintendo is far and away my favorite company and their rich history is so crazy and intriguing that I could talk about it for days.


So, what I have decided to do it dedicate one Nu-TAY article a week (probably on Wednesdays) to a character that deserves to be in the upcoming Smash Bros titles for the Wii U and 3DS. I won't leave out 3rd party characters either. Now, I could name dozens of characters who I think could possibly join the fray, but who would you want? Let me know in the comment section and I'll add them to my ever growing list and hopefully feature them in an upcoming post!

I'm so excited!

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