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Challenger Approaching: Ace of Diamonds

Only one villain looks this good while being so bad. That's right, it's... Challenger Approaching!

Overalls? Striped shirts? A giant red robe? What in the world are these Smash Bros characters thinking with their atrocious outfits? The Nintendo all-stars aren't exactly known for their fantastic fashion choices. This is where our newest competitor comes into play. Give a creepy smile to...


Name: Ghirahim

Notable Appearances: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii, 2011)

Bio: Over the last 25 years the "Legend of Zelda" series has featured many different evil doers. Of all these enemies the most malicious and well known is the infamous Ganon/Ganondorf. Many gamers were surprised that neither Ganon nor Ganondorf made a direct appearance in the most recent Zelda adventure - Skyward Sword. Stepping into the devious "big-boss" spotlight was the fabulous Ghirahim, a demon lord with a flare for the dramatic. In Skyward Sword *SPOILERS?* Ghirahim finds Links initial interference as a small annoyance. He almost enjoys watching Link struggle against his bevy of baddies as he makes his way from dungeon to dungeon. Eventually Ghirahim discovers that Link is more than just a slight thorn his side, leading to the epic final battle between the two powerful adversaries.

Attack Plan: Ghirahim is quite the talented fighter. Besides being a master swordsman he is well adept in the magical arts. Most of Ghirahim's magical attacks and diversions are ignited by the snap of his flamboyant fingers. In a flurry of diamonds the lord of demons could easily warp his way around the playing field. This coupled with his deadly sword play would make Ghirahim a wonderful addition to the Smash roster. Think of him as a magical and... fabulous version of Marth. If all else fails he could always use his *shudder* bizarrely long tongue to lick enemies into submission.


Odds of Being Added: 8/10

The Legend of Zelda franchise has been represented well in past Smash Bros titles and chances are Link will take on his Skyward Sword art style for the next outing. With this in mind it would be a no brainer for Nintendo to add in his new (old?) nemesis in the form of Ghirahim.


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